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Important Safety

Rosit Industrial (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd upholds the concept of "safety prior to all" as our company basic policy.  We work in every efforts to ensure the safety of products that we manufacture and sell based on the below points.

1.   Compliant to company production process 
Every tools we manufacture, sell or deliver should follow up our company rules and company production processes to ensure the safety of the products.

2. Education workers regarding the safety rules.

We will arrange trainning some professional product knowledge for every staff before they work in the production workshop.

3. R&D continuous improvements .

Our R&D department always make improvements in the products’ safety by evaluating or analysing the risks among the raw materials, parts and performance, and then sort out the best solutions for production.

4. Quality safety insurance

We will arrange the internal process quality checking and reviews during the production period, and final quality checking before goods delivery out.

 5. Audit and certificate

All our products should comply to the coal security certificate and the specific application sites, the international standard like EU CCC certificate, Atex approval and so on to ensure the safety for operation.

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