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Warranty Information

During the use of the product you purchased, if the product cannot be used normally due to quality issues within its normal service life, you can obtain free repair or replacement of the same product by presenting the purchase certificate and warranty card to the designated office of ROSIT throughout the country. If customers within China discover defects in materials or workmanship when using the product, please directly send it back to the ROSIT China Regional Maintenance Center for free testing, repair, or replacement.

Product damage not caused by the quality of the product itself can also receive high-quality service from designated ROSIT distributors nationwide. This maintenance fee standard is based on the standards established by ROSIT. If your product encounters problems outside the warranty period, ROSIT will also provide discounted repair services.


The warranty period for the entire series of power tools is 12 months.

The following situations are not within the scope of quality assurance:

● Non ROSIT branded products;

● Product damage caused by abnormal use or inability to use the product properly, such as natural wear and tear, artificial wear and tear, accidental events or misuse not following the product instructions, modification or repair by others, etc;

● The product rusts, peels during electroplating, scratches on the surface, plastic handles are damaged, and packaging materials such as paper boxes, shelves, plastic shells, and paper cards are damaged during use;

● Vulnerable parts and consumables are not covered by the warranty;

● Products specially specified by Rosit GmbH.

The final interpretation of the quality assurance terms of this product belongs to Rosit GmbH.

If you have any doubts about the ROSIT product quality assurance terms, please call the hotline +49 69 6780 8096 or send email to to us to consult the company's customer service center.

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